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Hi Everyone,
Thinking of you all in a very special way and hoping you and your family are well.
I just want to share the Holy Week/Easter schedule and today's Gospel.
Daily Masses and services are recorded on our website at this week.  

Livestream Masses for Holy Thursday, Good Friday, the Saturday Vigil and Easter Sunday will be available at  and WPIX - channel 11 Easter Sunday at 10 am.

The message of today's Gospel is powerful!  It reveals the love and mercy God has for all of us.  Matthew 26:14-25
We see Jesus predicting that one of his disciples will betray him; its just before he offers them his Body and Blood.  But the focus is not so much  on Judas' betrayal rather on Jesus' kindness and mercy.  He knows what Judas will do but doesn't say anything to expose or condemn him; rather he just gives a vague response "you have said so" to Judas' question "Surely it is not I, Rabbi?"  It seems to the very end Jesus held out hope that Judas would repent.
Jesus treats us the same way.  When we fall into sin, he certainly doesn't want to condemn us; rather forgive and heal us.  In these last few days of Lent, let us reflect and seek God's forgiveness.  Since we cannot go to confession at this time, let's pray the Act of Contrition and go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation when the Church doors open!
Peace and blessings,